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Renew your vehicle registration

You can renew your Class 3 vehicle registration online. Only one-year renewals for Class 3 passenger vehicles, motorcycles and motor homes (with no amendments required) are eligible. This includes cars, light trucks, vans and motor homes exclusively used for personal transportation on a private, non-commercial basis.

Your renewal will be processed within 24 hours and a new vehicle registration certificate and stickers for your licence plate will be mailed out within 10 business days.

What you need to pay for your renewal:

  •     Your current vehicle registration certificate, which contains your licence plate number and your registration number.
  •     A valid insurance pink card which is proof of insurance coverage.
  •     A valid VISA, MasterCard, or American Express credit card.

A service fee of $9.00 plus GST will be applied to all vehicle renewals paid online. The same service fee applies to renewals paid in person at a registry office, and renewals done through the mail.

Renewal Reminder Service

Sign up for driver’s licence, ID card, and vehicle registration renewal reminders, sent to you by email or text here!