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AARA services - friendly and secure

More than 200 member agencies of the Association of Alberta Registry Agents (AARA) are proud to offer one-stop service to Albertans in over 150 communities throughout the province.

Every AARA member agency offers a range of services to Albertans, giving efficient, secure and convenient service throughout the province.

Primary Services

Other Services

In addition to the primary services offered by all AARA member agencies, some also offer those listed below. Please contact the agency nearest you to ensure the service you want is available at that location. 

 Alberta Justice fine payments

  • Charitable lotteries/raffles licensing
  • Permits (hunting, fishing, tree cutting)
  • Boating licences
  • Vehicle/personal insurance services
  • Travel services

Publications and Forms

The Government of Alberta provides versions of many of the forms you need to obtain government services. Visit the Service Alberta website at for the forms you need.

Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan Registration Services

Albertans can now register for the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan or update their information at member registry agencies across the province. The service is provided at no cost.

Registry agents will process applications. Alberta Health and Wellness will mail the health card directly to the applicants. To maintain confidentiality and security of applicants' personal data, agents do not have access to any individual's health information.

Note: The two Alberta Health and Wellness offices previously located in downtown Calgary and Edmonton closed on March 31, 2009.

Member registries offer the following services:

  • Registration and enrollment of new accounts
  • Account updates and cancellations:
    • Personal information changes (i.e. name, address)
    • Additions, deletions, and reinstatements of dependent(s) (e.g. spouse, newborns, etc.)
    • Cancellation and reinstatement of registrations (e.g. due to death, leaving Alberta, etc.)
    • Non-group Blue Cross

Please make sure to print off and complete your form before coming in. You can obtain forms directly from Alberta Health and Wellness.

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